league of legends

Set up

The tournament layout will be determined on the amount of teams participating. This will likely be a group phase followed by knock-out


Day 1 will start at 12:30 and finish at 17:00*. 

Day 2 will start at 12:30 and finish at 17:00*.

*Keep in mind that due to longer games or other causes the ending time might differ.


The general rules and updates for the tournament can be found in the discord (the invite link will also be send after signing up for the event).


Any questions for can be asked there as well. The finale game will be streamed and casted on our twitch and through the weekend we will take some games at random to stream. Please be sure to have a good mic for communication!


We have a prize pool of €100!


The last Day of registration is 22 may! After that the teams are made and we cannot garanty that if you sign up after this date that you can get a team.

You may sign up with a team of maximum of two players. Both players have to register their rank and preferred primary and secondary role. Please note that your duo-partner also needs to register individually.

All teams will be mixed to accompany an equal average rank for each team (most likely gold). Preferred roles will be considered, but it might not always be possible. Switching roles within the team is allowed but do give a notice to one of the referees via discord. This must be done before the weekend or at the end of day 1.

Negative attitude and grieving will not be tolerated during the tournament, not under any circumstances. Teams will have differently ranked players within them so always keep that in mind.

Complains can be send via discord to a referee. Negative attitude or grieving will result in a disqualification for the player, the organizers of the tournament will do their very best to find replacements.


Our tournament will follow the normal game rules, this means no 3rd party clients to get an advantage. When unforeseen circumstances happen, the game can be paused, each team gets 15 minutes of pause time per game. Should the pause take longer than 15 minutes, please contact the referees on how to solve the issue.

When finished with a game, the winning team should send a screenshot of the end screen to one of the referees via discord.